Bec Tarrant

Bec Tarrant

Region: Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW

Language: Bundjalun

Bec Tarrant has been creating art since the age of fifteen when she first started experimenting with pastels and acrylic. At the age of 28 she started using resin to create large abstract artwork and from there her signature style developed.

Incorporating her heritage through her resin art is a fascinating and innovative new development for contemporary indigenous art. The movement and fluidity of the artworks represent the flowing waterways of the Bundjalung Country of the Northern Rivers.

Resin truly resonates with Bec’s personal style; her talent combined with only a handful of artists specialising in this type of art have seen her creations gain significant recognition. Her unique style is created with mixing a number of mediums including resins, to capture and create pieces depicting an aerial view of Australian landscapes. These multi layered artworks create an illusion of depth and texture. Resin is a two part pouring medium that when dry has a finish like glass, however is extremely durable and will not crack or fade.

“Working with resin is exciting, fun, and very different to any other medium I’ve used before. You never know what you’ll get, and although you control some aspects of the design, the outcome is different every single time. That’s what keeps me interested – the uncertainty. You can never replicate a piece. It’s intriguing and ever changing.”

Bec creates her pieces in a converted studio where she lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


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