Christopher Japangardi Michaels

Christopher Japangardi Michaels

Known also as: Christopher Japangardi

 Date of Birth: c.2000

Region: Alice Springs & Yuendumu, NT

Language: Warlpiri

Christopher was born in Alice Springs, his home town is Nyirripi some 2000km north-west of Alice Springs. Christopher comes from a painting family. His father is also a Yuendemu artist, Chris Japanangka Michaels. They tell the stories of their parents/grandparents, Jeanie Napangardi Lewis and  Mickey Singleton. These stories are Water Dreamings from a particular site - Puyurru, is Nampijinpa/Jampijinpa and Nangala/Jangala skin groups land. This area is a permanent source of water which allows the abundance of rich bush tucker to sustain them.In the time of the Jukurrpa (Dreaming) mothers with young children would gather at this site because it was a safe place to stay.

The subject of Christopher’s work, Water Dreaming focuses on a rock hole called Lappi Lappi, some 90kms northwest of Lake Mackay, that is home to a ‘warnayarra’, rainbow serpent that travels underground between various rock holes. One day, women were gathered at the rock hole with their children, singing and dancing. When the rainbow serpent heard their voices, it travelled silently towards them, under the water. When it reached the edge of the rock hole, it rose out of the water and ate them all.

When Christopher is not painting he plays centre for Nyirripi’s local football team.