Dulcie Long Pwerle

Dulcie Long Pwerle

Known also as: Dulcie Long Pula

Date of Birth: 1979

Region: Mosquito Bore, Utopia, NT

Language: Eastern Anmatyerre

Dulcie Long Pwerle was born 1979 at Mosquito Bore in the Northern Territory. She is the daughter of well known Utopia artist Jeannie Petyarre, who’s work is in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

Dulcie has continued the strong painting tradition of her extended family. These include Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre, Greeny Purvis Petyarre and the famous sisters, Minnie Pwerle, Emily Pwerle, Galya Pwerle and Molly Pwerle.

Dulcie’s paintings depict the Bush Yam leaf stories from her family’s country, painted in vibrant colours, and typical of Utopian artists. Dulcie paints this story with reverence to its history. The women at Utopia maintain the ceremonial dancing and singing that ritually pays homage to the Yam plant and its important role in traditional life.

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