Chelsea Possum Ramzan

Chelsea Possum Ramzan

Date of Birth: August 1997

Region: Adelaide, SA/Melbourne, Vic

Language: Anmatyerre

A third generation artist, Chelsea is the second eldest daughter of Michelle Possum Nungurrayi and Heath Ramzan Tjangala. She is the granddaughter of the distinguished and famed artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri AO (c. 1937 – 2002) who was a notable founding artist of the contemporary indigenous art movement of the 1970s and is one of Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal artists. Chelsea’s mother, Michelle, is Clifford’s youngest daughter.

Chelsea was was born in Adelaide, South Australia but shares her family stories of the Mt. Allan area in the Northern Territory, northwest of Alice Springs.  She currently lives and paints in Melbourne, Victoria.

Chelsea portrays the traditional stories passed down through generations, her technique adopted by observing and assisting her mother.  Her art is colourful and dramatic in style, depicting the dreaming stories and women’s ceremonial activities of her paternal great-grandmother, Long Rose Nungala, combined with the bold and precise imagery of her grandfather, aunt Gabriella and mother Michelle’s artworks.

Chelsea’s stunning paintings demonstrate the importance of art in maintaining strong cultural heritage.