Naomi Pula Price

Naomi Pula Price

Known also as: Naomi Pula Pitjara, Naomi Pwerle Petyarre

Date of Birth: c.1979

Region: Utopia Station, NT

Language: Eastern Anmatyerre

Naomi was born in 1984 at Alice Springs and is the daughter of Anna Pitjara Price. She comes from a large language group of extremely talented and strong female artists and has been taught to paint by her mother.

Naomi has been painting for roughly ten years and has followed her mother in taking the utmost care and pride in her artworks. Her paintings capture the sensitivity and vibrancy of her culture on the canvas.

In the 1970’s when Utopia was heavily involved in Batik projects Naomi’s mother Anna was just a young child. Her grandmother was involved in these projects and Anna was surrounded by all of the artists producing artworks using these new and interesting methods of depicting traditional Dreaming stories. Anna began painting independently in the 1980’s as an adolescent and started painting the Bush Yam with its seeds and root systems. These Dreamings are from her father and grandfathers country around Boundary Bore in the Utopia region. She has now passed these stories and designs onto her daughter in keeping with tradition.

Naomi’s stories or Dreaming centre around the Bush Yam and her Mothers/Grandmothers Country. These artworks often use natural colours of the earth that are found in the Utopia region as well as bright primary colours of the wild flowers. The rich red sand, the clay, and ochres all moving together with the contours of the land.

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